I Shot The Sheriff – The Novel by Bob Marley

If Bob Marley Had Been A Novelist…

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Bob Marley – I Shot The Sheriff

From the author of Buffalo Soldier and Three Little Birds comes a new breathtaking novel, I Shot The Sherrif!

Walter Hoff had always been the kind of guy who played by the rules. Whenever people talked about him to others who weren’t quite sure who he was, they would say, “Y’know, Walter, that guy who always plays by the rules.” Walter had always respected the law, but when the new sheriff, John Brown, took a somewhat unsavoury and, according to the law, illegal liking to one of the cows from his award-winning cattle farm, he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

It’s not that Walter was repulsed by the new sheriff’s fondness for the company of one of his cows in the dead of night, heck, every man had thought about it on those long cold nights, but it was affecting the rest of the herd, and Walter wasn’t going to put up with it! Walter’s cows were known throughout certain small areas in the southern district of Big Horn County in Montana.

After a brief tussle, Sheriff John Brown lies dead along with his deputy, Jimmy Slabofmeat, who both lie at the feet of Walter. The only witness is a slightly distressed cow which is now unable to walk properly due to an unspeakable, and many would say, perverted act by Sheriff John Brown.

But what really happened on that fateful night? Did Walter really shoot the sheriff in self-defence? And if it wasn’t Walter who killed the deputy, then who did? Did John Brown end the life of the deputy, or was it the traumatized cow? And is Walter destined to end his days hanging by the noose, or will his daring escape attempt be successful?

Full of thrills, tension and a surprisingly odd sub-plot about a Rastafarian in search of Haile Selassie despite the book being set in the 1880s and the Rastafarian religion not taking any form for another 50 years!

Bob Marley I Shot The Sheriff – the novel, is available in one or two bookstores NOW!

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