Facts About ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ By The Beatles

facts about tomorrow never knows by the beatles

Tomorrow Never Knows was released in August 1966 as the final track on the bands seminal album, ‘Revolver‘.

The track marked a radical departure for the band who, having decided to quit live performances earlier that same year, were now free from the restraints of having to reproduce the same sounds in concerts.

Here are five facts about the musical turning point of the greatest band of all time.

Turn Off Your Mind

  • John Lennon uses only one chord in the whole song, creating a hypnotic feel to the track. For his vocals, he asked producer George Martin to make him sound like the Dalai Lama.

  • The night before recording the track, Paul McCartney created 16 tape loops of guitar sounds and odd vocals that he brought into the Abbey Road Studios to create some of the effects. Several people present at the recording sessions remember standing around the room holding pencils for the tape to loop around and back into the recording machine as the various sound effects were faded in and out.

  • The title for the song comes from an expression used by Ringo Starr. The proper idiom is “tomorrow never comes” meaning that it would become today when tomorrow arrived. Ringo’s variation of the phrase took the edge of the heavy philosophical lyrics.
facts about tomorrow never knows by the beatles

Float Downstream

  • Before Ringo’s inspiration the working titles for the song were “Mark 1” and “The Void”

  • Upon hearing his processed voice in the studio for the first time, Lennon exclaimed: “That is bloody marvellous!” McCartney quickly added, “Its the Dalia Lennon

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